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Case Studies

A selection of projects we have done before.
Computer Vision

Artisanal and small mine detection

See how machine learning can be used to stop environmental destruction.
Our solution
© unsplash/@nicolasp
Computer Vision

Crop Type Classification

Predict crop types from satellite data to support modern agriculture
Image which visualizes the process of crop type prediction Our solution
© Anthony Rosset
Computer Vision

Monitoring urban growth and change

An image segmentation algorithm that supports sustainable city planning.
Our solution
© unsplash/@levi_midnight
Computer Vision

Defect detection in manufacturing

AI-supported optical defect detection for semiconductor laser production
Our solution
© unsplash/@olloweb
Natural Language Processing

Semantic search for public administration

dida developed an AI based algorithm to extract relevant information from authority documents.
Our solution
Computer Vision

Convective clouds detection

We automated the detection of certain cloud structures for Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD).
Our solution
Computer Vision

Automatic planning of solar systems

Creative solutions enabled us to automate the process of planning solar systems.
Our solution
Natural Language Processing

Legal review of rental contracts

Different methods from the field of NLP helped us to create a software that spots errors in legal contracts.
Our solution

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Process Automation

1. Process

Together we discuss your process automation projects along three different dimensions: cost savings, strategic value and technical feasibility. After settling for a specific project, we put special emphasis on the needs of the end users.

2. Innovative

We are an experienced team of machine learners. Our algorithms find complicated patterns in unstructured, mostly visual and text data. Once detected, these patterns are the basis for the automation of the underlying process.

3. Decision-support

We make a point of integrating our customers in the project's code repository as well as in weekly progress meetings. Agility, clean code and a modular program structure help us to deliver easy-to-maintain software, that simply works.


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Constantly expanding knowledge base on machine learning, its applications and the theory behind it.


Our team has a wealth of experience in the field of software development and IT project management.
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Some of our employees contribute remotely from other European countries, but most of us work in our modern office in the heart of Berlin.
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We take pride in never losing sight of our customers’ goals and attach great importance to designing projects from the outset in such a way that both time and budget constraints are met.